Thanks to Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council for having us up to showcase our new range of hand & surface #sanitation stations as we introduce a new division to Trailblazer in response to Covid-19.

Alderman Jim Dillon MBE, Chairman of the Development Committee said:

“The creation of the new sanitisation product range is a pivotal business move from Trailblazer. They have used their existing infrastructure and skilled workforce, to successfully diversify their manufacturing activities to develop smart hygiene solutions for use in any office or commercial premises.

Trailblazer offers hand sanitising solutions like no other on the market. The range has been specifically designed for businesses that need permanent hygiene solutions rather than a temporary fix. The team has shown excellent creativity and innovation. This is a fantastic example of a local firm using existing skills and knowledge to bring new products to the market during challenging times.”


sanitation range on display

Trailblazer Hygiene & our sanitisation range was born out of a necessity for robust and convenient hygiene solutions. We adapted our business operations to create long-term and subtle hygiene solutions for businesses moving forward. Reducing contamination and minimising the risk of infection spread is critical. Our hygiene products help protect staff and clients and ensure that people can go about their daily lives with confidence that measures are in place to keep them safe.